You never hear about the good things

Charlotte Moss has just posted a very true article on that I will not repost here in full.

In many respects, people never manage to find the words to describe all of the wonderful things that happen at a LARP – what sticks out at them as memorable are the things that took away from their experience. “It was utterly amazing, except for these three things.” Things that stand out as amazing actually get talked about in less detail either because everyone knows what you’re talking about (the War Rhino, for instance) or because it formed part of a seamless experience for you such that you can’t just pull out one aspect of it.

Something to think about when you’re talking on social media about LARPs is trying to highlight some of the better things that affected your experience. The event runners and other players will appreciate hearing what made your weekend, and I can assure you that getting feedback emails that are 95% negative are no fun to anyone involved.